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coffee you can believe in

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You have to believe in something. Believe in our coffee.


Cre(e)dence Coffee: Your Local Specialty Coffee Micro-Roaster 

Located in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Cre(e)dence Coffee sources only single-origin, organically grown green coffees and roasts them in micro-batches. Our philosophy is simple: freshly micro-batch roasted single-origin coffee is superior to stuff traveling a supply chain for days, weeks, or even months to get to your counter! Credence is a state of belief, and since we all need to believe in something, our coffee is coffee you can believe in.


Cre(e)dence Coffee focuses entirely on meticulously sourced specialty coffee roasted to highlight unique flavors and characteristics from specific regions or farms. We have narrowed our focus even more by roasting only single-origin coffees. We are micro-batch roasters, roasting only about 700 grams of green coffee (about two bags) at a time. Finally, we roast organically grown coffees. The result is coffee that you can believe is the highest quality coffee in the world, ethically grown and sourced, and painstakingly roasted in ways that respect the bean's flavor. 


Single-origin: Our coffee is traceable to a single farm or collective processing station, a single harvest date range, the date landed in the US (our supplier is in San Francisco), and the date arrived at our location in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. As an added quality measure, we source coffees with very high cupping scores (87-95 on the 100-point cupping scale). 


Micro-batch: Coffee roasted in extremely small batches (700 grams or less or about two bags at a time compared to the 15,000 to 30,000 grams that big roasters do) to a carefully adjusted roasting profile matched to the potential flavor profile of the single-origin bean. We roast our beans lightly (light to medium roasts) to unlock the full range of the bean's profile. Our coffees have a wide range of flavors and are in stark contrast to the flat, stale beans that languish on store shelves. The result is fresh, lively brews that awaken the senses. This type of coffee may be new to you! 


Organically grown: We source beans at very high elevations (greater than 1900 meters above sea level or nearly a mile high). The result is that our growers use traditional methods and do not need pesticides. These extremely high-elevation beans are some of the finest in the world. Between this characteristic and our coffees' single-origin nature, we are roasting the top 5 to 10% of the world's coffee.

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