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For a similar roast, try any of our Ethiopian beans.

Ethiopia Bore Roweda Geta Bore Coop

We love the careful tasting notes from our supplier, Sweet Maria's, who says, "Geta Bore is such a delicious brewed coffee that offers fragrant sweetness, and syrupy stone fruit accent notes. That stone fruit essence is something we note in a lot of the Western cooperative coffees we buy, an aspect that seems to be unique, if not common to certain Oromia regions. The fragrance and aroma are marked by notes of light brown sugar (think 'C&H'), cinnamon stick, peach cobbler, and a light citrus note too. The cup is complex, sweet at its core, with top notes that seem to flourish with each sip! City roast is not too light for this coffee, and produces a dynamic cup profile. The sweetness counteracts the bright cup flavors, and gives off an aromatic note of sugar cane juice. Working through the cup, our list of top notes included ripe apricot, peach tea, mango, and fruit gum (like Juicy Fruit)." We roasted this on 29 June 2023 to City+, medium roast, to unlock the dynamic profile mentioned above. 

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Coffee-Ethiopia geta bora.jpeg
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