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For a similar roast, try any of our Ethiopian beans.

Ethiopia Kafa Dehab Mesfin Farm

This organic bean wakes up your senses as soon as you open the bag. From high in the Kafa region, this bean is a delight in the cup. Kafa or Kaffa is where we believe the word coffee some from, and some boast that Kafa is the region that gave birth to coffee as we know it today. Our supplier, Sweet Maria's said about it: "The dry fragrance shows a complex range of fruit and cocoa smells that are highly dependent on roast level. City roasts have a scent of fruit and sweet cream, like strawberry milkshake, with a background layer of cocoa...The wet aroma is teeming with fragrant browned sugars, dried fruits, and a creamy hazelnut accent." As with most of these roasts, the flavor pops in the room-temperature cup. We roasted this to City+ or medium roast on 29 June 2023.

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