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Ethiopia Lima Kossa Wolenso Dabessa

This roast has been a favorite since we started sharing it with our testers. Sweet Maria's noted, "At City+, I get smells of dried fruits and cocoa powder, and a cream/fruit smell like chocolate-banana milkshake. The level of sweetness is quite nice at this roast level and rustic elements are kept to a minimum. The fruits that come through in the coffee are a little hard to pinpoint at first, but "berry" was the first descriptor that came to mind in both my roasts. City+ roasts open up to flavors of dried natural apricot, tamarind, and a dusty hint of dehydrated strawberry. Notes of date sugar and cocoa powder help to buffer the fruit flavors, and tend to linger in the aftertaste." 

ethiopia-limu--kossa-gidhey-2 cherries.jpeg
Ethiopia-Limu-G2-min-600x450 landscape.jpeg
limu beans 180421GT9727_grande.jpeg
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