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 Ethiopia Mahamed Aba Nura

Another great coffee to roast and taste. I've been drinking this for nearly a week after the roast. It is an exciting cup with flavors that mash up fruit and chocolate. Our supplier, Sweet Maria's cupping notes, discusses this bean's unique flavor, noting, "both the fragrance and wet aroma are brimming with cooked sugar sweetness, accented by stone fruit and spice smells that come off like cinnamon streusel. The wetted crust imparts a floral accent note that has aspects of jasmine and ripe fruits, and smells incredibly enticing. The sweetness is pronounced in the brewed coffee, fruited with notes of cooked peach, apricot jam, and a lemon peel note that brings some tangy sharpness to the cup profile." If you are a fan of fruit overtones in the cup, our City+ roast is a great choice.

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