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Ethiopia Sidoma Oromia Coop

This organic bean is from high in the Sidoma region and boasts cinnamon, milk chocolate, and strawberry overtones, according to our supplier, Smokin' Beans. According to our supplier, Smokin' Beans, "coming from the Province of Sidamo in the Southern Ethiopian highlands this coffee is unique and distinctive. The indigenous farmers in this region where coffee originated are still growing their coffee using the heirloom Ethiopia varietals that are native to this region. The coffee grown on these Ethiopian highlands are grown at elevations of 1500 to 2200 MASL qualifying the coffee as Strictly High Grown (SHG). It is at these high elevations where the best Ethiopian coffees grow more slowly and have more time to absorb nutrients and develop intensely fruity robust flavors. This coffee is exploding with fruit nuance and chocolate/fudgy notes in the body, smooth, complex, and bright, with a luscious finish that has no bitterness." We roasted this to City+, so a medium roast, bursting with the full range.

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