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Current Roasts

This is a listing of our current roasts and their flavor profiles. Believe!

Coffee Beans

Ethiopia Wolenso
Mesfin Dabessa

From Sweet Maria's, our supplier, "Date sugar sweetness opens up to fruit flavors and cocoa bittersweets, dried apricot, tamarind, dehydrated strawberry, and raisin. Incredible dry process espresso option too (see review)! City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso."

Coffee Beans

Peru Comité San Ignacio

From our supplier, Sweet Maria's, "Balanced crowd-pleasing flavors, round body, a core of bittersweet chocolate, accented by molasses and torched sugars, and lower acidity that I appreciate in this context. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Coffee Beans

Ethiopia Kafa
Dehab Mesfin Farm

Delicious fruits and bittersweetness, notes of berry, cinnamon streusel, and floral accents. Also a syrupy textured espresso shot of inky dark chocolates with fruits underneath.

Coffee Beans

Guatemala Xinabajur
Aurelio Del Cerro

This robust roast will have you at first smell. Sweet Maria's reports, "A versatile coffee, delicious at a wide range of roasts. Brown sugar notes accented by drinking chocolate, raisin, toffee-nut, dark berry hint, and moderate acidity if roasted light."

Ground Coffee

July Roasts

Upcoming roasts include two Ethiopians and one Peru. Early in July, we will be roasting Ethiopia Dry Sidoma Oranmio. This organic bean is from high in the Sidoma region and boasts cinnamon, milk chocolate, and strawberry overtones, according to our supplier, Smokin' Beans.  Later in July, we will roast two coffees from our supplier in the Bay Area, Sweet Maria's. Their Ethiopia Dry Process Mahamed Aba Nura from the Agaro region is marked by "Aromatic fruit, pronounced sweetness, and moderate acidic impression for dry process coffee. Notes of peach, apricot, lemon peel, with rustic hints of prune, date sugar, and cocoa with more roast." The second bean is their Peru Organic Martin Tiberio Garcia. Sweet Maria's says, "Dense bittersweet notes of chocolate, and malted cocoa, with nutty hints, and pleasantly mild acidity that works quite well with the simple cup profile. A super versatile coffee!" We look forward to roasting and tasting these superior coffees!


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