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Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo

Antigua has a special place in our hearts, having visited there a long time ago. It's a beautiful town at the foot of high volcanic mountains. From our supplier, "Cabrejo shows high level of sweetness in the brewed coffee, with accents of fruits and spice, and more dominant bittersweets that seem to build with roast development. The dry fragrance and wet aroma show unrefined sugar sweetness, a soft touch of coriander spice (or like the flower if you've ever smelled one), vanilla, dried fruit, and hint of citrus. These sweet scents offers a glimpse into the brewed cup too and Cabrejo is as versatile in brew method as it is in the roaster. It boasts big body, impressive raw sugar sweetness, and balanced roast flavors across a range of roasts. When roasted to City/City+, top note complexity is the most most pronounced, and also brightest. The base flavor is sweet like sugar cane juice, with accents of red raisin, and a lemon accent note that offers a touch of vibrance." The real flavor range appears in the room-temperature cup. We roasted this to City+ or medium roast.

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