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Peru Comité San Ignacio

This roast has really pleased those who have tried it. Our supplier, Sweet Maria's, says, "This small producer blend has balanced crowd-pleasing flavors, and is the kind of coffee I like to wake up to - simple, clean, and one I'll have second cup of! The balanced bittersweetness and mild acidity make it an ideal option for those who enjoy cream with their coffee too. Light roasts have a scent of raw sugar offset by bittering dark cocoa powder note, with accents of nuts and dried fruits. The wet aroma offers sweet smells of butter toffee, coffee cake, and caramel. The cup has round body, with core flavors of bittersweet chocolate, sweet accents of molasses, and brown sugar. Acidity is modest, if not low-intensity, which I really appreciate in this context." We loved how the finished roast smelled and the balance in the cup.

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