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This is the decaf that doesn't taste like decaf. We are excited to offer this bean: a collaboration between our supplier, Coffee Shrub, and their partner for decaffeination, Swiss Water, in Vancouver. Coffee Shrub suggests city+ to full city (light to medium roast), noting the bean offers "a pleasantly mild sweetness in released when grinding the coffee, with very nice roast intensity. The smells touch on chocolate milk powder and malted grains, with a torched sugar/pungent note. The wet aroma comes off bittersweet, with notes of chocolate marbled bread, and hint of rye."  We will be roasting this lightly to bring out the crisp edges and sweetness.

coffee harvest man with basket.jpeg
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 2.57.10 PM.png
Pichanaki Peru San Francisco water fall.jpeg
Coffee Plant Peru San Fran.jpeg
Image by Tina Guina
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