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It just tastes better in a (hand-thrown) pottery mug

The other day, I was on the phone talking to a potential retailer for our coffee, FDP Studio Shop, where "handmade pottery and artisan homegoods" are tastefully created and curated. FDP is widely known and respected for its unique pottery designs. The proprietors are wicked talented, and the potter in the mix has been our pottery sensei over the years. (To be clear about Cre(e)dance Coffee's pottery skills or lack thereof: FDP is an amazing and patient teacher, but we take a pottery class once in a blue moon. We throw pots for the therapeutic value and sometimes make something useful).

While discussing the fussy way I insist on brewing our coffee--precise water-to-ground weight ratios, water temperatures, and even the need to stay in a single plane when pouring over--with FDP, I also mentioned that our coffee tastes best in clay mugs. More precisely, in FDP mugs. As you can imagine, I piqued FDP's interest! Our discussion was framing up an important and tastefully important union: Cre(e)dence Coffee in a one-of-a-kind FDP hand-thrown mug!

Before you accuse me of pandering to a potential seller of Cre(e)dence Coffee, hear me out. Coffee--all coffee, in my opinion--sips best from a thrown (handmade) clay mug. I can't explain it. Some believe that the ceramic nature of the mug keeps the coffee warm, but you all know that I write about the flavor profile morphing as the coffee cools. Others believe the emotional attachment to the mug makes the coffee better. I'll buy that, but the coffee nerd in me wants more!

Perhaps the best explanation I've heard comes from St. Paul, Minnesota's Niles Deneen of Deneen Pottery. Deneen argues the clay mug is "a solid and neutral material, it neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving coffee to taste just as it should." For coffee aficionados with calibrated palates, the flavor comes from the earth, the bean it produced, and the meticulous care in roasting it. Water is a factor: pH and temperature matter. However, if your mug adds flavors--like the ferrous taste from even stainless steel--you may be missing the love and care that went into your brew.

Stand by for more on the subject. I'm envisioning some side-by-side comparisons and a report on the same. Until then, respect the bean and roast: drink your brew in a hand-thrown pottery mug. Check out FDP Studio Shop for brilliant designs reflecting great taste that make your coffee taste great.

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