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New Year, New Bean Line Up

It is an exciting time of year here at Cre(e)dence Coffee! we are currently lining up our buys for the spring and setting up our roasting plans. We are looking at two possible beans from Ethiopia and two Central / South American beans.

From Ethiopia, we are hoping to source either a Guji from the Kidame area or a Sidama from Shantawene Village. Our distributor, Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub, has rated both at 92 plus points! Our plan is to roast one or the either to City + (light medium) to unlock the fruits on the front end and the chocolates on the back.

From Guatemala, we are looking at a bean from Huehuetango. This one is super interesting. The supplier noted, "Caramely-sweetness extends to the aftertaste. Flavor profiles of butter caramels, brown sugar, Rolo candies, English toffee with chocolate and almond, and pleasant acidity."

We are still shopping for a South American.

Stay posted!

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