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Why Ethiopian?

Another great question from a customer: why do you roast Ethiopian coffees so frequently? The quick answer is the flavor. But, the flavor of high quality Ethiopian coffee isn't something new: some argue that coffee as we know it began in Ethiopia, home to Kaffa, one of several coffee-producing regions in the south of the country.

Here's a longer answer: the flavor. When I roast an Ethiopian, I'm aiming for a fairly light end point. Lightly roasted (city to city plus) Ethiopians have wide flavor profiles. Experts who accurately describe Ethiopian flavors often describe florals, fruits, chocolate, and caramel. It's a complex roast and when it unfolds in the cup, the range of flavors is impressive.

For more information on how our Ethiopians are sourced, check out notes from Sweet Maria's (Coffee Shrub), our exclusive supplier and experts in the game!!

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