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Antigua has a special place in our hearts, having visited there a long time ago. It's a beautiful town at the foot of high volcanic mountains. My palate is less-trained: I cupped this about 24 hours after the roast and detected the dry aroma (just ground) of dark chocolate and caramel, bright and clear in the cup with flavors of citrus and chocolate. The real flavor range appears in the room-temperature cup. We roasted this to City+ or medium roast. Recommened for 17:1 water to coffee ratio, pour-over or drip. If someone has notes on how this did as espresso, let us know!Our supplier's (the amazing Sweet Maria's / The Coffee Shrub: cupping notes said, "The base flavor is sweet like sugar cane juice, with accents of red raisin, and a lemon accent note that offers a touch of vibrance."

Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo - 12 oz bag whole beans

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  • For drip, pour-over, or French Press, we use a 17:1 water to coffee weight ratio, for example 1700 grams of water to 100 grams of coffee. When possible use a blooming technique: wet the ground bed with hot water and allow the ground bed to de-gas before brewing. Match your water temp to your brewing method. 

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