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The Coffees

Coffees you can believe in.

Our Story

Cre(e)dence Coffee aims to let everyone experience freshly roasted coffee's full range of flavors. Fresh-roasted coffee has a full flavor life of only three to four weeks. The coffee you buy from the store and some local roasters has been in a supply chain for months. We only roast to demand to keep our supply chain wicked short. We respect the bean and its region’s contribution to its range of flavors, so we roast carefully, unlocking the coffee’s full flavor profile. We only roast single-origin and natural or certified organic beans sourced ethically from the farms and coops of the world’s coffee regions. Our coffee is lovingly roasted in less-than-a-kilo micro-batches in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

You have to believe in something: why not believe in coffee?

Meet The Coffee

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