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From the first sip, this coffee tells its own story: sweet fruit start to a smooth warm finish. A classic Ethiopian bean that we roasted with respect. From our supplier, “An intense, fragrant dry process coffee, saturated with fruited sweetness, top notes of strawberry, mixed berry compote, sorghum syrup, aromatic floral and rue, and darker roasts have a dried blueberry note.” Scoring 92.2, you’ll want to get more than one bag. We wroasted it to City + or medium light roast.

Ethiopia Dry Process Hambela Goro - 12 oz bag whole beans

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  • For drip, pour-over, or French Press, we use a 17:1 water to coffee weight ratio, for example 1700 grams of water to 100 grams of coffee. When possible use a blooming technique: wet the ground bed with hot water and allow the ground bed to de-gas before brewing. Match your water temp to your brewing method. 

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